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Recruit Bound's mission is to provide a platform that showcases hardworking and talented athlete’s skills and achievements; through an editing process that collaborates information that stands out and demand’s visibility by others.


Recuit Bound's vision is to increase the athlete’s visibility by providing videos that are jam-packed with skills, consistency, and key performances that recruiters are seeking in college bound student-athletes. Additionally, by focusing on positive goals and achievements, our product empowers and builds the athlete’s confidence and self esteem; which, ultimately enhances future performance. 



This website is for student-athletes, parents, recruiters, and coaches.




Video editing and websites development services that showcase the talent of student-athletes. The customer provides the essential information and recorded footage of the material that is cut to feature the performance and skills of the athlete.  The video and website developer will collaborate information, and customize a video that is in line with the customer vision. 


Click here for examples of previous created videos and background information on previous users.



Why Recruit Bound?

In a highly competitive recruiting process, Recruit Bound's video will give you the edge that is needed to entice the college scouts- recruiters, family members, and friends to instantly see your accomplishments and dig a little to learn more about you. Recruit Bound creates a platform that allows student-athlete to showcase his or her talent by highlighting the athlete's best skills and performance through an edited video. The edited videos provide viewers a quick overview of the athlete with the intent of capturing the audiences' attention and curiosity. 




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