About Us

Hello and welcome to our webpage!  Recruit Bound is a daughter-mother or mother-daughter duo, and we are delighted by your visit of wanting to know more about us.  We are equally excited about the business opportunity that allows us to provide a lifetime of memories to our customers, but also will enable us to spend quality mother-daughter time working together as we tap into our creative side. We are both very creative; Nyla more so than mom, but noticed over the years we seldom use our creativity due to our regular daily activities that often takes a higher priority.  Recruit Bound affords us that space to create and bond as we share our work with others.  Our goal is to empower and design a platform that increases the student-athletes’ visibility as they maneuver the recruiting process.


We are a military family of four plus a furry animal. Don, Alesha, Nyla, and Bryce make Team Smith. Our furry black lab is named Storm, and she recently joined Team Smith on Memorial Day.  With us being a military family, our family moves often. For some reason, we can’t stay anywhere for more than 2-years before it’s time to pack our bags and start another adventure.  We are slightly surprised that we have frequently moved because it is not typical for military families to relocate that often, but when your Soldier is passionate about his service to the country–moving comes with the territory.  The bonus to our journeys is our extended military, and gymnastic families continue to grow.


Gymnastics has been apart of our lives for more than 10  years.  If you are on this page, you know that with any sport or special occasion, people are always recording or capturing the moment.  Our family does the same thing.  We have loads of videos and pictures accumulating space on our hard drives or cell phones that we seldom share.


After Nyla completed her 2017 meet season, we were trying to decide what  to keep and not to keep. As we watched some of the old videos, we  noticed there were many treasures in the videos that we were overlooking.  We were overlooking the videos or willing to delete because we easily focused on the not so great moments seen in the videos.


This moment was an eye-opener to us, and we found pure enjoyment in creating and watching the edited version after we took out some of the fluff and focused on the greatness in Nyla’s videos.  Those feelings that we felt are the same feelings that we want to provide to our customers because we understand that it’s mentally healthy for the athlete; entertaining to the viewers and a recruiting tool for the scouts.  Recruit Bound is a platform for student-athletes that showcase the athlete’s skills, and achievements through a video editing process.