Featured Hightlighted  Videos


4-5 mins of edited video with achievements. (Collabaration of  9 meets and 4 differents events. More than 45 mins of edited material.) 


1  min of material that captures some of the athlete's best performance. This video is designed to capture the curiostiy of the viewer like the recruiters to want to look at more of the athlete posted videos.  


2 mins of edited material that captures the athlete's performance during a meet or game.  This video provides the highlights and data for the viewers. 


4 - 5 minutes of edited video that captures a short story as the viewers take a trip down memory lane.  This video is great for special occasions to celebrate an individual’s journey as s/he begins another chapter in his or her life.  This video contains over 60 minutes of submitted edited footage and 30 pictures.