Welcome to the official website of Nyla E. Smith. Nyla is a level 10 gymnast at First In Flight Gastonia, NC. She trains 20-hours a week under Travol Williams.

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This page contains a list of skills that Nyla performed in past season on each event.  Below is a list of Nyla's skills that she is currently training for her 2019 meet season that she hopes to add into her routine soon. Please visit Nyla's videos to see her in action. 


Yurchenko layout


Training: Yurchenko 1 1/2 ; Yurchecnko 1/1 ; and Yurchencko 1/2


Uneven Bars:

Clearhip tkatchev, clearhip pak, 1/2 pirouette, giant, giant double back


Training: Clearhip shiposh, double lay, full-out


Balance Beam:

Mount; flip flop+ back layout step-out+ 1/1 turn+ front ariel to scale+ switch leap+ double stag+ round-off 1 ½ dismount


Training: front toss, front ariel flip flop layout step-out


Floor Exercise:

Roundoff + double tuck; 2/1 turn; front handspring + front layout + front pike; 1 1/2 + front pike

Training: full-in, round off back handspring 1 1/2 front layout, round-off bhs 2 1/2 

For additonal information, please contact Coach Travol WIlliams at (516) 491-6815 or email Coach at trevolwilliams@hotmail.com.

Nyla  would like to continue to pursue her passion for gymnastics in college, so this website was created for college coaches to learn more about Nyla and stay informed of her progress.